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Why People are so Crazy about Iphone by Praveen Kumar

Why People are so Crazy about Iphone by Praveen Kumar

The Most ever Hyped device Iphone is already on the streets of USA. Rest of the world is waiting for its entry into their own countries.So what's so Great about it.Let's recall the words of Steve Jobs during iPhone product announcement event. "Today we are introducing three revolutionary Products.The First One is a wide Screen Ipod with Touch controls, the second is a revolutionary mobile Phone and the thrid is a break through internet communicator.These are not three devices,this is one device and we are calling it iPhone. Today apple has reinvented the phone".

Build Specifications:- So lets discuss about the iphone and the features that make everyone crazy over the Iphone. The dimensions of Iphone are 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm or 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches and it weights about 135 grams . The Front is almost occupied by a huge display with a small speaker on the top and a Home Button below it. It is not a flip Phone or even a slide Phone. There is no QWERTY keypad or even the Number pad in the Iphone. On the left hand side Iphone is having a speaker and a ring/Silent button. On the top a standard headset Jack, a Sim Card slot and a Sleep/wake Button.A dock is Provide for charging the Iphone and is compatible with Ipod. On the back it has a 2Mp Camera on the top Left Corner.

The most promising feature of Iphone is Large touchscreen. Even the Nokia N95 is also not comparable with resolution and display size provided by Apple Iphone.Another Promising feature of Iphone is Multi-touch user interface. It can recognize you finger gestures and actions and has the ability to ignore unintended touches. Apple claims Iphone as a non Stylus needed touch sensitivity phone. Wit the Multi Touch feature Iphone can recognize your fingers whether you are using a single finger or Multiple fingers.So while browsing a web page for example you can click with a single finger to open a link at the same time use the second finger to scroll around. Even Iphone recognizes unintended touches (i.e) if you place all the fingers at a time and do something on the iphone, Iphone would not react to your actions and stays like a teddybear.The thrilling feel of the Multi-Touch interface is the Pinch and Zoom feature.

Whenever you need to zoom in anything on the screen, simply hold the tips of your index finger and thumb together, touch the screen and Pull your fingers apart to zoom out and simply sense the action.Iphone screen is scratch resistant.Symbian is O/s Being used for most mobile Phones today. What could be the O/S for Iphone? Great Iphone runs on Mac Os X. The most Popular desktop operating system from the Apple for Mac computers. The Mac Os X is at the heart of the Iphone. But why would we want to run such a Sophisticated Operating System on a Iphone. It Provides powerful features than any other mobile O/s. It has Multitasking, the best Networking, Power Management and efficiency techniques. Above all the base of Os X means that all the applications and networking on the iphone are desktop class. Photo gallery, Photo Manager , Calendar, Maps, Applications, E-mail and a lot more applications that are working on Mac OsX can work on Iphone with reduced functionality.These applications are very rare to find in window CE and Symbian Mobile Phones.

Iphone Provides you the complete Browsing Experience with the fastest Built-in Safari Browser.Iphone is Powered with Multitasking Features. So You can read a web page while downloading e-mail in the Background.

There are tiny widgets available with iphone for information on stock markets and weather forecasts. You can also schedule the widget to automatically display at a certain time and the day of week it should display. The iphone stock widget lets you track stock market condition for as many companies as you want. And also widgets like scientific calculator, Units Convertor are available in Iphone. You can combine multiple widgets on to a single screen like a dashboard.Even the Most Populous Google Maps is available as a widget in Iphone. Eric Schimdt Google CEO joined Apple's board few months ago and this is the first product to come out of the relationship between apple and google.once you enter a search criteria in the google maps widget, it directly takes you to detail map pointing with a red marker. If you enter "NewYork" it shows you the map of Newyork and exact location of the Place.Google Maps is an Best Implemented widget on Iphone.

Does apple has reinvented the Phone? My answer is No Since apple actually has made this device right in terms of adding advanced features, Excellent build quality and a never experienced interface for a phone which was lagging from other competitors until Now.

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