Monday, July 30, 2007

Japanese Gadgets - DocuPen by Tom Takihi

Hailed as the world’s most advanced nation, Japan never stops initiating new ideas as far as technology is concern. Almost all technological appliances inside our living room today even came from their genius inventions. Now, another mind-boggling office device being invented which will soon replace a traditional scanner.

Here’s a pen that looks like an ordinary shick pen but it is in fact also a scanner. This is perhaps the closest thing out in the public consumerism market that’s from a movie set. Really. Remember those spy movies and mission impossible movies where the main character scans a bunch of document using a pen like scanner and once they’re done they just clip it over the breast pockets like it’s just another pen.
This is the DocuPen RC800 Color. It scans a full page of graphics and text in just 4-6 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, this is definitely an certified novelty from a scanner the size of a pen. There two versions to this DocuPen, one is the more expensive RC800 at $299 and the other is the RC700 at $99, which is rather affordable for students.
Planon Systems Solutions, Inc., provides you with the ultimate in convenience and quality with their DocuPen Series of scanning solutions. In today’s society, mobility and flexibility gives you the competitive edge. The DocuPen offers the business professional a convenient, light weight, portable scanning solution. DocuPen is the ideal addition to the mobile office!
The DocuPen R700 and RC800 includes PaperPort from Nuance, which provides you with the capability to find, organize, and share digital documents. PaperPort also offers seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Notepad, Wordpad and a variety of graphics programs. With automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability, the software will convert your scanned documents into editable text!
The R700 Professional and the RC800 Professional includes the ABBYY FineReader, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and PDF conversion software. This awarding winning software offers the highest level of recognition accuracy and format retention.

Tom Takihi is the author of this article. If you to know more about new gadgets and more astonishing inventions from japan, please visit this website

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